What Do You Yearn

I forgot what I liked, what I yearned for, kind of lost myself for a while but laying here on a beach I have discovered in the corner of my mind still exist my longed for life, the voices of this life are beginning to shout to the prefrontal cortex. I am now more fully … Continue reading What Do You Yearn

When running doesn’t help, be still and listen to the voices

It’s only when you remove yourself from a situation that you realise how much the situation has consumed you. If you have removed yourself and feel the space become available in your mind for your surroundings, allow yourself to absorb it and become aware of the thoughts and feelings that come and go. Let it … Continue reading When running doesn’t help, be still and listen to the voices


It’s the morning after I’ve returned from my beach holiday, I’m sitting up in bed reflecting on how I felt before I left. I had been in such a vicious circle of chores, stress and basically repeat everyday to a point of losing the meaning of life. Though I don’t work I feel I want … Continue reading STOP

Who Are You

  When I meet someone for the first time I rummage in my head to find which part of me will I introduce. The witty one; who’ll make you laugh but may come across as stupid, the intelligent one but may come across as knows it all. Usually I’ll be the listener, absorbing the surrounding … Continue reading Who Are You

Self Worth

I speak for myself when I say that trying to keep up with what others may see as satisfactory living can be extremely overwhelming, especially when its something that doesn’t fill you with happiness. Trying to break the norm of conforming to these conventional ideologies can be very frightening, after all it means you’ll be … Continue reading Self Worth


Finally I lost enough weight to wear that green dress I bought about 5 years ago, I only needed to lose a few pounds but I still couldn't help feeling like a fat fairy when I tried it on. When I bought this dress I envisaged an elegant lady, like the ones you see at … Continue reading Wicked